Chrissi Nassir

Over the past years of developing multimillion dollar properties with her husband, Chrissi has learned the value of commitment, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit.

Chrissi grew up on the Central Coast, then moved to San Diego for College, where she gained a scholarship for Pole Vault and academics. While competing in Pole Vault on the UCSD Track & Field Team, Chrissi became the school record holder, All American Athlete, and All Acedemic Student. After Graduation, Chrissi moved to Los Angeles with her husband and started a family with the birth of their daughter, Carmela. Over the years, the Nassir’s have purchased and remodeled/developed luxury homes together in Hollywood Hills & Beverly Hills.

Chrissi Developed a passion for home improvement projects & design. She took her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for homes to the world of real estate, becoming a Realtor in 2017 and joining Aaron’s Team. Following her team’s vision and core values, Chrissi has built a reputation for outstanding service helping buyers & sellers all over California.

In her free time, Chrissi enjoys running on the Track with her daughter.

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