Haute Residence L.A. Luxury Real Estate Summit Recap: ‘Power Players Under 40’ Panel Discussion

Posted by Aaron Kirman Partners | Concierge on Monday, July 6th, 2015 at 11:49am.

Aaron speaking at Haute Residence

At HauteResidence.com’s second annual L.A. Luxury Real Estate Summit–which took place April 8 in The London Hotel’s Kensington Ballroom in West Hollywood–the biggest names in luxury real estate discussed how to be successful in real estate and what’s next for California’s booming real estate market.

The event was moderated by Timothy Lappen, Esq., founder and chairman of Luxury Home Group, a real estate legal group, and hosted by Seth Semilof, publisher of luxury publications Haute Living, Haute Residence, and Haute Time.

The first panel discussion with the “Power Players Under 40,” featuring Million Dollar Listing stars David Parnes, James Harris, Josh Altman, Matt Altman, and Madison Hildebrand, as well as Aaron Kirman, and Sandro Dazzan, focused the conversation on how appearing as a real estate professional on a reality TV show has affected their public image as well as their business and how to balance home and business life.

Timothy Lappen: Most of you on the panel have some involvement with reality television real estate. So, tell us. Has that been good or bad for you? Are you happy you did it? Are there drawbacks for the guys who aren’t in that? Do you wish you were? Are you happy you’re not? Do you want to talk at all about your experiences with television?

Aaron Kirman: “There are a million different ways to get to the same destination. For these guys [referring to the stars of Million Dollar Listing], they happen to be great on TV, and that’s part of their persona, part of their life, part of their lifestyle, and they do a great job. For many other people, who are tremendously successful in our industry, they don’t want to do TV or the opportunity hasn’t presented itself, and they’re on top of the game.”

James Harris: “I’ll tell you now that the power of television is mind-boggling…I had no idea getting into TV what it was going to bring. I remember when David and I got the call, I thought it was a big joke. I thought someone was winding us up…Now, our phone rings all the time. I think that your reputation is everything, especially in this business. And it’s so hard to earn a reputation, but it’s so easy to ruin your reputation. So, I think for us, with the power of TV and then meeting these clients in real life, it’s so important to be real to who you are and to carry that message to who your clients might be. But you know what, it’s been great for David and I. It’s done wonders for our business, and I’m very grateful for it.”

Josh Altman: “You can’t half it, which I thought I could do. I thought, Oh, I’m just going to do the real estate part; I’m not going to do the personal part…You can only get me selling the good stuff. You can’t do that, and you figure that out really quick that people don’t want to just see you sell houses and make money. They actually want to see drama…But at the end of the day, it’s not do I like that guy or not, it’s do I want that guy do represent me and my money?”

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