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$8,095,000, 5 Beds 5 Baths 4 Acres

About This Property

From the 12th century, the Chateau was the seat of the powerful Caumont family, who played a leading role in Franceӳ history for the next 500 years. The most colourful was the devilishly dashing Antonin, who once hid under the bed of Louis XIVӳ mistress Madame De Montespan to eavesdrop on her conversation with the king.
Located on high ground, the property commands magnificent views. It sits magisterially above the former dwellings of its serfs and villeins, and dominates the village. The site is exceptional in having two chateaux. The medieval chateau dates from the XV century, and has been meticulously restored by the current owners to provide a grand yet comfortable home with spacious entertaining areas and 5 bedrooms. Around 1570, in a resounding statement of their power and wealth, the Caumonts proceeded to erect a new chateau along the eastern perimeter. It contains the Great Hall (20m x 10m), the Kingӳ and Dukeӳ Bedchambers, a parlour and additional bedrooms. There is also a caretaker's lodge, a large two story barn and 4 hectares of park and pasture.

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