Relax and live a little: How to earn a spot at real estate’s rich table

Follow your passions, build your brand, and the right clientele will come to you


You won't find Aaroe Estates president and real estate agent Aaron Kirman slumped behind a desk or hiding behind his tablet. You're more likely to catch him mid-volley on the tennis court with clients, chatting it up with prospects at dinner or enjoying a casual day of shopping with investors. Aaron Kirman Kirman, a 21-year real estate vet, was with Hilton & Hyland for eight years prior to joining John Aaroe Group in 2013. In that time, he's honed in his skills and created a brand around his persona, which he describes as "super laid back and authentic, for better or worse." Kirman, with a team of 30 at Aaroe Estates -- including 25 agents, plus senior marketing, administration and operations directors -- reached a sales volume of $314 million last year. The likely forecast for 2017 is $390 million, and he has $800 million in active listings at the moment, including a 260 acre-development opportunity in Bel Air for $95 million. 



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