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March 22,2010


Trophy Modern

By Ann Brenoff

Los Angeles Business Journal

March 22, 2010

Developer-builder-architect Yechiel "Eli" Yogev--and owner-co-founder of Maya Steel Fabrications--is selling a 9,000-square-foot Trophy Modern home. What? Trophy Modern isn't a recognized style? Well, it should be, and this place should be the poster child for it.

Listed at $12.5 million, the Beverly Hills home has a rooftop pool and deck, and jaw-dropping finishes throughout. The home's expansive scale includes lots of open spaces and luxury amenities: an elevator; wine cellar with glass floor; towering ceilings; and a fortresslike construction with cement, scores of caissons, retaining walls and massive 20-foot glass walls. I'm sticking with an engineering tour de force here. A must-see, as the ad says.

Aaron Kirman of Hilton & Hyland, Beverly Hills

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